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Monday, 15 January 2018

Not So Mini Retro Review: Getting Even With Dad (1994) #badmovies

Getting Even With Dad

If you have read my review that I did for the Leslie Nielsen comedy, 'Spy Hard', I mentioned there was a scene where a then young actor, Mason Gamble who played Dennis in Dennis The Menace mockingly played the Kevin character from Home Alone and he gets beaten up by two robbers, and one of them goes: 'this is for Getting Even With Dad'. In rewatching Getting Even With Dad, I can see why the writers targeted this movie: because it is terrible. That, and it is still one of the biggest flops on Macaulay Culkin's filmography and the film that pretty much ended his career.

Directed by Howard Deutch, but for Pretty In Pink & Some Kind of Wonderful, he has never been as successful & never managed to reach the dizzy heights of his early 1980s offerings. From Ted Danson's unnecessary ponytail & the charmless and unamusing script, it sees a 12-year-old boy dumped on the doorstep of an ex-con. It's Three Men & A Baby meets crime heist and the Three Stooges, and it's ineptly handled. 

Culkin revisits his famous role in Home Alone, whilst as successful as he was on the TV sitcom, Cheers, movie-wise Ted Danson lacked true star power and charisma: something that 90% of so-called other famous movie stars get by and have in abundance. For a family comedy, not only is it sorely lacking, but it is utterly joyless and takes itself way too seriously than it should have. 

Don't get mad, get even with this lacklustre excuse for a comedy. 

Is it worth watching?

Only if you are fan of the actors


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