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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Mini Retro Review: Down To You (2000) #badmovies

Down To You
Romantic Comedy

A terribly flat and formulaic romantic comedy that is as contrived and predictable as any other with its foregone 'happily ever after' ending of the two would-be lovers ending up together and cliches and tropes, there is nothing new that hasn't been done before; it's bland and boring and lacking in depth throughout it feels so routine, it will put one to sleep. No chemistry between the leads Freddie Prinze Jr and Julia Stiles and the film's release was Prinze Jr's (in a role of a cook who falls for Stiles' artist) second stab at the rom-com after the hugely successful, She's All That - for me, that is the better movie compared to Down To You. Neither Prinze Jr and Stiles' characters give us any good reason to care about them with their emotionless and one-note performances. It also features Selma Blair, Rosario Dawson, whose promising movie careers never truly took off and Fonzie of Happy Days, Henry Winkler, who deserves better than this & younger Ashton Kutcher with bad hair. If She's All That is the Facebook/mid-tier movie equivalent, then Down To You is the Myspace - no make that - Friendster (and already defunct) social networking version of rom-coms. One of the worst 2000s movies ever made and another awful rom-bomb to the add to the ever-increasing list for the sub-genre. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If you like Rom-coms a lot


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