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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Mini Retro Review: No Alibi (2000) #badmovies

No Alibi
Crime Thriller

This one started off okay, but right after the brother is murdered for stealing the boss's drugs money & the boss sends a woman to seduce him and the dead guy's brother, the film goes downhill, fast and becomes progressively duller as it goes on. This so-called 'thriller' lacks any cutting edge, although given it was produced on a low budget, pretty much explains its 'routine' feel, in addition to the film's mediocre sex scenes. Eric Roberts, as ever, chews the scenery as the villain, whilst Dean Cain is well, Dean Cain. The story could have gone and developed in several directions; unfortunately, the writer chose the wrong one, and with that, No Alibi has nothing of worth to work with, besides the killings and the tension couldn't be felt. Its under 1hr 30 min runtime feels awfully padded as the story drags that by the halfway mark (at one point, I fell asleep), it loses its way completely. In far more capable hands, No Alibi would have been a competent thriller, but alas, it doesn't try hard enough to become one. 

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