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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

''Ho-Ho-Ho? More Like No, No, No'' Crappy Christmas Movies: Love At The Christmas Table (2012)

Love At The Christmas Table
TV Movie

Former child actress Danica McKellar plays the lead character in this tedious Christmas Hallmark film. Many of these festive Hallmark and TV movies come across as leftover scraps ditched by writers of Hollywood rom-coms and dramas; that, or they are Z-list versions of rom-coms that dominated the 1990s and takes the worst aspects of those films and make it even blander and easily forgettable, and Love At the Christmas Table is one of those offerings. There is no screen chemistry or believability felt with this cast and their characters. The two main characters story is told over 20 years from the moment they first lay eyes on each other, there are pointless conversations, the story and script failed to convince me and didn't grab my attention. I was bored senseless throughout. Had Love At The Christmas Table had a more established movie cast and better writing, it would have stood a chance. Yet it's another Christmas 'turkey'. 

Is It Worth Watching?

Only if you truly love your festive films, even the Hallmark ones 


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