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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Mini Retro Review: Jack Frost (1998) #badmovies

Jack Frost
Fantasy Comedy Drama

Too corny to be enjoyed & too dull to get into, this reminds me of that other messed up film, Bicentennial Man meets Raymond Briggs excellent, The Snowman. Thing is it has none of the smarts of the latter but more of the lows of the former. A rock musician fails to keep his promises, dies in a car accident - only to come back in the form of a not-so-jolly snowman and he gets another chance of redemption. One of the writers of this film went on to do Daredevil starring Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell and Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, which given how bad this film is, is of no surprise and neither of them turned out for the better, either. The snowman, who takes ages to show up, is supposed to be based on George Clooney (it has Clooney's look-a-likey face & Jack Black's, erm, body) and he was supposed to star instead of Michael Keaton, but he went off to star in an even bigger turd in Batman & Robin and in the role made famous by Keaton in Batman/Bruce Wayne, coincidently enough. Either way, this would still be a bomb. Kelly Preston has an Elisabeth Shue - thing going on in this film. A bland overly sentimentally dripping bomb that would have worked best as a crazed serial killer horror flick with a murderous snowman on the rampage. Now, how nuts would that be? Very, and probably even more entertaining as well.

Is It Worth Watching?

For Xmas movie lovers only 


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