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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Mini Retro Review: Cook-Off! (2007) #badmovies


Filmed back in 2007, it was shelved until 2017 and is based on a book, Cook-Off! is shot like a mockumentary, and much to its disadvantage, it just doesn't work. There are a few TV actors, but neither of them or a pre-fame Melissa McCarthy is capable of elevating this comedy turd any further. The comedy is poor, utterly unamusing I had a straight face. The storylines are tawdry and confusing to follow, whilst the talky dialogue is completely scattered and insipid, with attempts at humour resorting to words such as sucker c***er falling on deaf ears. Had this not been given the low-budget, indie treatment, this would have been a funny, entertaining romp with plenty of good gags and slapstick thrown in. I'm not a fan of how it looks and the way it is shot and filmed and this is one of those films that had it been produced and marketed properly with a better cast and a more commercial tone, Cook-Off! would have paid off, dearly. & yet a film on cooking and food shouldn't be as tediously bland and unwatchable as this, but sadly that is the case, here. This was a hard watch and it left me in a state of disinterest from start to finish. 

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