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Monday, 17 December 2018

Movie Review: Luis & The Aliens (2018) #badmovies

Luis & The Aliens

One of the most boring and forgettable non - Pixar/Dreamworks animated films I've seen, this is kind of similar to Dreamworks's Home in terms of plotting of the child befriending an alien, or in this sense a set of aliens. It's Home/Planet 51, but a Z-movie version with hardly any charm or anything to stand out. Most well-established and popular animated films are successful and well done for a number of reasons: engrossing story, interesting characters, appealing voice casting: Luis & The Aliens has practically none of these things. & it's not fun. The voice acting, just by looking at the IMDb credits, is totally uninspired; Louis, the main boy is a nothing character amongst the rest, with the aliens looking simple but far too plain, plus, it's almost as if it borrows/steals elements from Monsters Inc, the story is tawdry and instead on riffing on cultural references for jokes, set pieces to garner entertainment, it doesn't even try to offer something new and out of the box-, and this coming from two makers who once won an Oscar for the animated short film, Balance. It's just outright flat with flimsy characterisation and I was almost literally dying of boredom. To add insult to injury, the film plays down Luis' plight, the fact that he lost his mother and yet the writer approaches that character as if none of it matters. A 2018 offering that flew under the radar, watching this, I could see why and how this would have flopped, either way. & they say The Ant Bully, for instance, was total crap....heck, I'll take that film over this. This was sheer blandness.

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