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Sunday, 9 December 2018

''Ho-Ho-Ho? More Like No, No, No... Yes'' Crappy Christmas Movies: A Heavenly Christmas (2016)

A Heavenly Christmas
Romantic Drama

A third, or should that be second-rate TV movie version of the rom-com, Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo but with Kirsten Davis of Sex & The City and Eric McCormack of Will and Grace, A Heavenly Christmas sees a woman getting killed and becomes an angel, who comes to an aid of a child to fulfil her wish, she falls in love with a widower of that child. Kirsten Davis as Eve (probably named after Christmas Eve) and Eric McCormack as Max (who sings too) along with Shirley McClane added a little quality to a predictable and cliched plot; with Davis with a bit more quality, I could see her landing the type of romantic roles associated with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, whilst McCormack, I too could have seen him as a male love interest in a good and solid quality rom-com. If it wasn't for Davis, McCormack, McClane, many wouldn't bat an eyelid for this.

Is It Worth Watching?

But alas, it's... not bad.


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